Local February 14, 2015 | 8:45 am

Major opposition party to focus on people’s needs

Santo Domingo.– The opposition PRD party presidential candidate Miguel Vargas yesterday toured El Valiente, Barrio Lindo and La Caleta, east of the Santo Domingo province, where he delivered a message of hope.

Vargas said in La Caleta that the PRD has traditionally insisted on focussing its policy debate on people and their needs, from the days when Juan Bosch made his 1962 election campaign and promised the people "las tres calientes", breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vargas added that the Jose Francisco Peña Gomez’s philosophy of "People First" is not just a PRD slogan but a commitment to prioritize state investment to meet social needs, promoting welfare and real progress for most people and not just for certain groups.

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