Local February 18, 2015 | 2:29 pm

Dominican official: Why doesn’t the US deport kingpin?

Santo Domingo.- Interior and Police minister José Ramón Fadul revealed Wednesday that Dominican authorities investigate drug trafficker Quirino Paulino’s alleged calls to TV and radio stations, and questions that the US has yet to deport the ex convict.

"We’re conducting an investigation, we have some data and we’re proceeding. It must be investigated because there are many conflicting reports. They says he’s a protected witness and others say no," the official said, stressing that that the US normally repatriates a person after they serve time.

"Why haven’t they repatriated him? They should repatriate him if he has served time. As far as I know, when you commit a crime in the US, immediately after you serve your sentence, if you are not a US citizen, you are returned to your home country," Fadul said.

Nontheless Fadul called the belief that the US is behind the scandal, a fairy tale.

A person who identified himself as Quirino Paulino initially called the Teleradio America Channel 45, and Z101FM radio programs several times, alleging that he gave more than RD$200 million in “dirty money” to former president Leonel Fernández:

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