Local February 20, 2015 | 8:07 am

Dominican Republic employers: Haiti too slow with documents

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Employers Association -Copardom- on Thursday said Haiti government’s "slowness" to issue documents to its nationals is cause for concern.

It said the situation discourages reaching the objectives and scope of the National Plan to Regularize Foreigners, which requires illegal aliens to submit documents such as passports or birth or marriage certificates.

Copardom also urged Port-au-Prince to expedite and facilitate documents to its nationals and reiterated its concern with the low number of foreigners who’ve requested legalization to Dominican authorities.

In a statement, the employers also reiterated their commitment to the Plan and affirmed that promotes the responsibility of companies with their workers and illegal laborers.

Diplomats mull Plan

The Interior and Police Ministry received a delegation from the embassies of the United States, Britain, the European Union and Peru to learn of the Reorganization Plan and the Government’s work to document illegal immigrants in the country. They lauded the process which has registered 146,000 undocumented foreigners who live in the national territory.

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