Local February 20, 2015 | 9:23 am

New hearing in Canadian’s Dream Casino attempted murder case

Santo Doming.- The National District 1st Appellate Court set March 5 as the next hearing in the case against Canada national Antonio Carbone, charged with attempted murder against Dream Casinos Corp. manager Fernando A. Baez Guerrero.

Presiding judge Antonio Sánchez Mejía handed down the ruling after Baez’s lawyer challenged the panel judges, claiming that he is the brother of National Police Col. Felix Sanchez Ortiz, who worked with Carbone’s security.

Defense lawyer Abel Rodriguez del Orbe challenged the judges, but noted that he wants the Appellate Court Criminal Chamber to assign the case to another court.

In the hearing however, Carbone’s lawyers denied that the judge’s brother worked for his client’s security, and that Carbone doesn’t know that person.

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