Local February 24, 2015 | 11:33 am

Dominican delegation ready to shine at Milano World Expo

Santo Domingo.- The General Commissioner’s Office for the Milano 2015 World Expo on Monday announced Dominican Republic’s readyness to participate in the world trade show.

More than 150 countries and international organizations will be in Milan to present and share proposals to achieve global food security through sustainable expansion of farm production.

"The Expo is a unique opportunity to show the world our food and handicraft export supply, as well as Dominican Republic’s bounty as a tourism and investment destination," said General Commissioner and Ambassador Mario Arvelo Caamaño.

“The Expo is the ideal place to promote a vision of rural development promoted by president Danilo Medina, which has been praised by the UN as a model system to be incorporated into public policies in all developing countries,” the Commissioner said in an emailed statement.

Arvelo said his agency carries out its work without burdening taxpayers, operating with a multidisciplinary team that includes more than 100 volunteers in various areas. “The Office has launched a new call to accommodate the great interest that this model is inciting among college students and young professionals.”

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