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NYC conviction deals another blow to Dominican ex president: Acento

Santo Domingo.- Ruling PLD party leader Danilo Diaz, a close collaborator of former president Leonel Fernandez, was found guilty of fraud by a New York court which ordered him and codefendants to refund US$540,499.00 to 29 people who invested in the housing project Pueblo Bavaro, Dominican Republic.

The conviction on false advertizing deals another blow to Fernandez’s image, already rocked by the embezzlement trial against one of his closest collaborators, senator Felix Baitosta, and allegations he received money from drug trafficker Quirino Paulino.

Diaz, president of Emproy-Divisa, Rivas Travel Multiservice sales manager Julio Balbuena, and Rivas Travel owner David Rivas were convicted of getting paid for a house in the Pueblo Bavaro project without producing the property agreed to.

The ruling also bans the group of soliciting money from people and from promoting real estate sales in New York City.

The plaintiffs had filed the complaint in the Office of the of New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, after they paid money but didn’t receive the properties or land title. They also complained of lack of security, theft of furniture and other objects, squatters and accrued rental debts.

Outlet acento.com.do reports that Emproy-Divisa is a repeat offender in fraud cases, including a 2011 court order to refund US$42,000 to Loyda Raquel Reyes and Belkis Altagracia Santana Vásquez. This company is located on Fantino Falco St. #48, in the Amelia Gonzalez Building, Suite 27, in the upscale Naco sector

Manhattan NY Supreme Court justice Joan Kenney ordered Diaz and codefendants to refund US$540,499 to the plaintiffs.

Moreover, Kenney fined Diaz and Rivas US$25,000 each and were ordered to pay US$2,000 in court costs each. “If Emproy-Divisa fails to meet the terms agreed it shall be fined another US$50,000.”

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