Local February 27, 2015 | 11:39 am

Dominican President: “2014 was a year of fulfilled promises”

Santo Domingo.– "The year 2014 was a year of fulfilled promises and realized dreams," said President Danilo Medina, in his State of the Nation speech at the National Assembly.

Among those promises, he mentioned the fact that thousands of Dominicans found a decent job in the formal sector of economy. He also said that 299,000 jobs have been created, which means that we are getting closer to the goal of 400,000 new jobs he had promised.

Medina stressed that the Dominican economy grew 7.3% in 2014, representing, in his own words, the highest growth in Latin America. He alse referred to the reorganization of the State-owned Reservas bank (Banreservas), which last year accumulated 7.000 billion pesos in profits.

The head of State said that tourism revenues reached 5.638 million dollars in 2014, when 5.1 million tourists arrived in the country. He highlighted the fact that cruise tourism grew 25.4%, a sector that will receive special attention from the Government.

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