Local February 28, 2015 | 11:10 am

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HM: “Medina spoke of a country we all want to know where it is”

Santo Domingo.– Dominican former president Hipolito Mejia said that many of the figures cited by President Danilo Medina in his state of the nation speech to highlight the success of his administration in 2014, are inconsistent with the dramatic reality most of the Dominican population faces everyday.

Mejia said the economic growth the President boasts about, does not translate into well-being for the Dominican family, and pointed out that people do not eat figures.

"The reality is that the poor can not afford the medicines, housewives do not have enough money to buy food, families can not afford to pay the high electricity bills, etc.," he stated.

The former president said that Danilo Medina’s speech was a reiteration of the unfulfilled promises made last year in the same scenario. He described the speech as "triumphalist and self-indulgent."

"The feeling after Medina’s speech is that we live in a country we all want to know where it is," Mejia stressed.

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