Local March 2, 2015 | 7:52 am

Kingpin’s hushed return roils Dominican Republic law enforcement

Santo Domingo.- In the heels of recent statements that the US didn’t notify Dominican authorities of drug kingpin Quirino Paulino’s return to the country, the Interior Minister, the heads of the National Police and of the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) on Sunday said they were informed about his arrival, via Las Americas Airport after midnight Saturday.

José Ramón Fadul, Manuel Castro and Julio César Souffront said the situation is under control, and that law enforcement agencies are apprised of the case. They didn’t however answer the big question -exactly where is the former Army captain?"

"There’s an investigation opened as to how his arrival occurred, and that everyone already knows the details. But the security agencies, not just in the Quirino case but any other person who’s had problems in the US, and has arrived in the country, have absolute control of all these cases," Fadul said.

He also confirmed that an Airport Security agent is being investigated for allegedly serving as Paulino’s bodyguard.

Castro said Paulino "will be followed and will be under control…now, what and how? We cannot say. "


Although the police chief admitted that the Immigration Agency was aware of the ex convict’s arrival, his passport wasn’t photocopied, nor were they notified of his arrival, as they should have.

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