Local March 2, 2015 | 9:03 am

Little Haiti yearns for peace in Hispaniola: Listin

Santo Domingo.- Haitians living in Little Haiti say the Dominican and Haiti governments should seek ways to improve ties and condemn their compatriots’ aggression against the Dominican consulate in Haiti on Wednesday, where they burned the Dominican flag during a march “for peace and against racism and xenophobia."

Outlet listin.com.do reports that Haitian citizens that live in Little Haiti in the capital’s San Carlos sector want an end to the bickering and tension between both nations.

"The two countries have to agree, because in fact what they did with the flag is wrong," said Arismendy Nelson Michael, a vendor in Little Haiti.

“I was born here and I cannot go against the flag here," said Michael, who drives a moto-taxi.

In his state of the country speech, president Danilo Medina said there’ll be no further delay in the Plan to Regularize Aliens, and warned that starting June 16 the Immigration Law will be enforced on those who don’t qualify for the program.

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