Local March 4, 2015 | 10:55 am

Radical priest helps water-ringed town demand aqueduct

Baitoa, Santiago.-With a walk which ended with a mass officiated by radical priest Rogelio Cruz, residents of Baitoa (central) demanded the construction of an aqueduct for the town literally surrounded by water.

In the mass the priest said all human beings have a right to water and complained of broken promises to the community’s inhabitants by several administrations.

The protesters walked chanting slogans and prayers, asking president Danilo Medina and water sector officials to address the plight of the people of Baitoa.

The protest was organized by the Baitoa Aqueduct Construction Committee, whose spokesman Alfredo Matias announced other actions to demand the aqueduct, such as the recent picket staged a picket in front of Santiago Province Governor’s Office.

Baitoa is surrounded by the Tavera and Lopez-Angostura dams, the Yaque Norte river and the Baitoa creek.

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