Local March 5, 2015 | 11:30 am

Feds continue probe into NJ Senator-Dominican eye doctor link

New York.- US agencies continue the investigation in connection with Cuban-American senator Robert Menéndez (D-N) and prominent Dominican eye doctor Melgen Solomon, for lobbying a contract to install security equipment at Dominican Republic airports and ports.

Reports last year note that Melgen, who lives in Florida, is a major donor of Menendez’s campaigns and had flown to the Caribbean country in the physician’s private jet .

a federal appeals court ordered this week scheduled a hearing to decide whether attorney Kerri Talbot and Michael Barnard, a Menendez assistant, would testify before a grand jury on charges the national lawmaker and Melgen.

The senator is accused of lobbying for Melgen to secure the contract with the government of the Dominican Republic and received gifts and perks from your friend and donor.

The grand jury investigation is focusing on Melgen’s dispute with Medicare and Medicaid on millions of dollars in billed services, which made him the doctor who most profited from the government that year.

The probe also aims to look into several links between the senator’s office with senior US Customs and Border Protection officials regarding the contract in the Dominican Republic.

Prosecutors claims the Senator defended Melgen before the official in charge of health insurance, who questioned the high amount of money the Dominican doctor charged.

Menendez’s aide refused to answer 50 questions from the grand jury, claiming that the rules ban questions to a member of Congress on legislative actions.

The federal court of appeals remanded the case file to a district court, which should decide whether Menendez’s attorney and aide are required to testify.

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