Local March 9, 2015 | 7:31 am

: Haiti must take ‘credible step’ on security: Dominican Foreign Minister

Santo Domingo.- Foreign minister Andrés Navarro on Sunday lauded Haiti’s decision to beef up security at Dominican Republic consulates in that country and announced that five will be reopened soon, just four days after one facility at Port-au-Prince was shuttered in the heels of an attack by a mob.

"We welcome this measure to increase security around our diplomatic missions provided by the government of president Michel Martelly, which we’re confident will allow us to reopen the five closed consulates in a short time,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

Interviewed by Eury Cabral, Navarro on Saturday said despite having to close the consulates, Dominican Republic doesn’t want to break the ties with that country. “We don’t want to break relations with Haiti, but the Haitian State must take a credible step for us to reopen our consulates."

The statement also notes Haiti Foreign minister Pierre Duly Brutus’ letter on Friday informing his Dominican counterpart that Haiti authorities have tightened the security at Dominican diplomatic missions to ensure the physical safety of staff and property.

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