Local March 9, 2015 | 2:38 pm

Roundtable, British Embassy fest World Commonwealth Day

Santo Domingo.- The Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic in partnership with the British Embassy in the country on Monday celebrated World Commonwealth Day.

The activity took place at the New Horizons Bilingual School with the presence of British ambassador Steven Fisher, who read the message of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Head of the Commonwealth to celebrate the day. Fisher noted that this year the theme of the Day is the young.

Commonwealth Roundtable president Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas also stressed to students the Commonwealth’s political, social and economic importance for Dominicans.

Also present in the activity were New Horizons director Priscilla Comer de Garrido, Roundtable vice president Roberto Herrera, school its director Marco Peña, and Bahamas consul Hernando Perez Montas

The Commonwealth Round Table is an organization that promotes bilateral relations between Dominican Republic and the 53 member countries around the world.

The countries which form the Commonwealth have the same idiosyncrasies, share the English language and democracy as their political system.

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