Local March 11, 2015 | 9:43 am

US Embassy Visa Center serves 40,000+, applicants saves time

Santo Domingo. – Since its November 12 launch the US Embassy Visa Service Center (VAC) has served more than 40,000 people, has reduced the flow of applicants at the Embassy Consular Section and has simplified the visa renewal procedure at the operations center located at Galeria 360 mall on Kennedy Av.

"Those who are renewing their visa can go there, leaver their request, be fingerprinted and don’t have to go to the Embassy for an interview," said Michael Ose, US Embassy deputy director of the Nonimmigrant Visas Section in Santo Domingo.

He said when an applicant starts the process online the system will inform the person if they qualify for the renewal service and which step they must take next.

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