Local March 12, 2015 | 5:49 pm

All eyes on Dominican Republic, Haiti high level talks Friday: EFE

Santo Domingo.- The talks between the Dominican Republic and Haiti Bilateral Commission will resume Friday, March 20, diplomatic sources quoted by EFE revealed Thursday.

Foreign minister Andrés Navarro, Haiti counterpart Pierre Duly Brutus, as well as the European Union envoy to Dominican Republic, and as an observer, UN representative Alberto Navarro will attend the meeting, among others.

The gathering will follow the meeting Friday between Navarro and Brutus in the border town of Jimani, just three days after the diplomats held talks in Antigua, Guatemala.

Diplomatic sources confirmed to EFE that UN peacekeeping mission leader in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Sandra Honoré will also attend tomorrow’s meeting.

The reopening of the five Dominican consulates in Haiti temporarily shuttered last week on several attacks on their offices among other topics, will be addressed at tomorrow’s meeting.

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