Local March 13, 2015 | 4:52 pm

Dominican Republic, Haiti pledge ‘brotherhood’ at tense border

Jimaní, Dominican Republic.- The meeting between Dominican Republic Foreign minister Andrés Navarro and Haiti par Pierre Duly Brutus led to agreements on several points to benefit both nations, including beefed up security for Dominican diplomatic facilities and a “declaration of brotherhood.”

In the meeting held at the Border Security (CESFRONT) precinct, the Dominican government also agreed to provide the necessary assistance for Haiti to provide documents to its citizens.

Duly Brutus denied that Dominican truckers have been abused or abducted in Haiti and said, on the contrary, have launched a radio campaign to protect them.

In a document dubbed the “Declaration of Jimaní,” Haiti’s top diplomat said they’ve called on Haitians to see Dominicans as "their brothers," a sharp contract to the weeks of tension along the 400 kilometer border that separates the Hispaniola’s neighbors.

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