Local March 16, 2015 | 8:43 am

Dominican leader coy as calls to run again grow

Santo Domingo.- Presidency administrative minister José Ramón Peralta on Sunday said a recent survey found that 94.2% of the population approves of president Danilo Medina’s job performance and that 84.8 wants him to stay in office four more years .

He said a prestigious pollster confirmed that 31 months of inspired closeness and frugality Medina’s leadership is firm in the heart the Dominican people.

“86.6% of PLD want Danilo Medina to be the candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party for the May 2016 elections and Danilo Medina would be the only politician and candidate who would win in the first round. With any other there would be a runoff,” the official said.

“Never before in Dominican political history had there been a phenomenon like Medina,” said the mid-level leader of the ruling PLD party.

Not talk, just tweets

Peralta’s statements come in the heels of surprising tweets in the official government website presidencia.gob.do, touting Medina’s accomplishments.

Medina meanwhile has voiced evasive responses to media queries into his possible new bid.

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