Local March 17, 2015 | 11:38 am

Puerto Rico agents nab 14 Dominicans, one ton of cocaine: EFE

San Juan.- Puerto Rico Police United Rapid Action Force (FURA) agents on Tuesday seized 1.1 tons of cocaine and arrested 14 Dominicans who were awaiting for the drug aboard a boat near the island’s north coast, officials said, quoted by EFE.

Puerto Rico Police chief Jose Caldero said the boat was intercepted near the mouth of the Rio Grande de Loiza, with the drug whose street value is around US$32.0 million.

The official said FURA intelligence provided the information which led to the operation carried out Monday night.

Of the 14 Dominicans, 11 were detained on land while waiting for the cargo, and the three others were arrested on the boat trying to flee the area.

Caldero said the investigation continues, adding that the boat reached Puerto Rico from Venezuela.

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