Local March 18, 2015 | 12:07 pm

Dominican town ringed by dams vows shut down to demand water

Santiago.- Businesses, schools and transport will be ground to a halt during 24 hours in the highland town of Baitoa, Santiago Province tomorrow Thursday, to demand the construction of an aqueduct and a new cemetery.

The community groups in the Baitoa Aqueduct Construction Committee said for more than 30 years residents have requested an aqueduct for the more than18,000 inhabitants in the municipality.

The Committee said despite being literally surrounded by the Tavera, Bao and López-Angostura dams, Baitoa does not have a big enough aqueduct, for which families have to buy water from trucks.

It said they’ve sent missives to president Danilo Medina and lawmakers to no avail. “We’ve held protests outside the National Palace and Congress to demand construction of Baitoa’ aqueduct but silence is the answer thus far," the organizers said, warning that residents have been with on other choice peaceful shutdown.

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