Local March 24, 2015 | 9:41 am

Cubans happy with US talks, but 56 years of friction linger

Santo Domingo.- Cubans, like all people around the world, are happy to start talks with the US, but it will be long process given the 56 years of wrongs and the many pending issues still to resolve.

The prediction by Cuban historian Eusebio Leal on Monday came during his visit to the country that included a National Palace meeting with his “old friend” president Danilo Medina.

He said the process will move forward when the US lifts its embargo and excludes Cuba from Washington’s list of countries that support terrorism and US laws he says “favor” Cubans above other immigrants.

“Peace and friendship is achieved only on the basis of justice," Lean said, adding that everyone is pleased with the talks and signs of openness “and to state otherwise would be lying.”

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