Local March 25, 2015 | 1:19 pm

Languished ranks, paltry pay roil Dominican Republic’s military, police

Santo Domingo.- As the President’s traditional police and military promotions usually announced on February 27 languish, unrest reigns among the members of the armed forces and law enforcement.

Disgruntled military and police officers and agents quoted by elnacional.com.do but who asked not to reveal their names fearing reprisal, say they’re unhappy with the president Danilo Medina failure to make the awaited announcement and issue the corresponding executive orders.

The police and military voice their complaints when calling mostly radio programs to air their gripes. "That has never seen in the country. Presidents announce all promotions every February 27 and this one has yet to be seen and this has generated much concern in military and police ranks,."

They also revealed that senior commanders have ordered them not to complain publicly, as frustration spreads.

"It’s a fact that promotions in the National Police have yet to occur. The promotions will take place when the superiors understand it conducive," admitted Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo.

Abysmal gap between careers of enlistees, officers

Adding to the unrest is the abysmal gap between careers of enlistees, officers.

Such is the case of an Army master sergeant, who unlike countries such as the US that respect senior enlisted ranks as career professionals, is forced to vie for the lowly rank of 2nd lieutenant, just for the pay raise from RD$7,980 per month to only RD$9,860 (US$219) per month.

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