Local March 27, 2015 | 9:19 am

Senator ‘doesn’t steal for himself, he steals for the people’, Acento

Santo Domingo.- Contrary to the Bible tenet ‘Non one is a prophet in their own land,’ San Juan de la Maguana (west) senator Felix Bautista’s popularity as a modern day Robin Hood proves there’s an exception to every rule, as his constituents defend him as a man of unwavering integrity.

When outlet Acento asked about the outcome of the preliminary hearings in the case against the lawmaker, most citizens didn’t even hesitate to defend his honor and ask God to give the country two or three more like him. The call him a benevolent champion of the poorest, even though some agree his methods are questionable.

"They should leave that (the trial) as is. It’s wrong and not one, not two or three like Felix should appear, who doesn’t steal for himself, he steals for the people, not like Leonel’s (former president Fernandez) inner circle and his people," said a youngster quoted by acento.com

Supreme Court Instruction judge Alejandro Moscoso will read his ruling March 27in the case against the also the ruling PLD party’s Organization secretary.

Bautista and sox co-defendants face 11 charges including embezzlement, forgery and concealing information on their assets, abuse of power and money laundering.

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