Local March 30, 2015 | 3:48 pm

Cardinal: Holy Week should be about family unity

Santo Domingo.– Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez expressed his conviction that the commemoration of Holy Week should be about family unity, and recognized that family unity also applies to people who do not practice a faith, for the holidays include all Dominicans.

During the TV program Dialogo Libre, sponsored by the Diario Libre newspaper, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Santo Domingo said that on days such as these in Holy Week, "the family is called upon to come together. To reconvene. Many people even travel long distances in order to be with their families."

Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez referred to the fact that the commemoration of Holy Week has changed through the years and talked about the excesses and lack of consciousness during these festivities.

"In the past, on Holy Friday, you could practically not speak. It was a tradition. Holy Week recalls the Passion and Death of Jesus. The Passion is related to the arrest of Jesus, who is crucified on Friday, Saturday is spent in his tomb, and He resuscitates on Sunday. It is a fundamental element of faith for a Christian," he explained.

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