Local April 1, 2015 | 8:49 am

Vice president develops tool to reduce extreme poverty

Santo Domingo.– Vice president Margarita Cedeño said Tuesday the country faces the challenge of developing an instrument for measuring multidimensional poverty that allows targeted and efficient use of scarce resources available to the Government to continue with its strategy of reducing this scourge throughout the country, El Nuevo Diario reported today.

Speaking at the closing of the SingleBeneficiary Identification Register (SIUBEN), with the participation of international experts and institutions belonging to the Cabinet of coordination of social policies of the Government, the Vice president pointed out that this tool will contribute to realizing the dream she and President Danilo Medina have of eradicating extreme poverty in the country.

"Now we are just starting an operation with the World Bank, which is Progressing Together, a program, that can allow us to eradicate extreme poverty in the Dominican Republic," Cedeño said and added that the efforts are concentrated now in the country’s 14 poorest provinces.

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