Local April 8, 2015 | 5:57 pm

Dominican Republic’s top prosecutor ‘immature,’ Chief Justice rants

Santo Domingo.- “Immature, thoughtless and disrespectful” ranted Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German against Justice minister Francisco Dominguez on Wednesday, revealing once again Dominican Republic’s judges prefer gab over ‘speaking through rulings.’

German’ rant came just hours after Dominguez earlier today called corruption the Judiciary’s “toughest challenge,” in the heels of the Supreme Court acquittal of senator Felix Bautista, who was charged with embezzling more than US$400.0 million while head of the powerful State Works Supervisory Engineers Office )OISOE) during the presidency of Leonel Fernandez (2008-2012.)

In a press conference the Chief Justice accused the official of fostering “judicial populism” against the branches of government. “He (Dominguez) has shown with his attitude and his statements that he doesn’t have faith in the Dominican justice.”

"Only those who have no faith in it (Justice) can cause it harm, as the Attorney General has done," German said.

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