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Premium Latin acquires rights to Winston Paulino’s ‘Puppy 3D’

New York. – The label Premium Latin, through its music publisher, acquired the rights to the "Puppy 3D (Walk like a dog then a you cock up and piss)" musical work composed by Winston Paulino and which, so far the 2015, and been recorded and adapted in several languages and musical rhythms in several countries.

The agreement establishing the Assignment of copyright on the song was signed by Paulino and Marti Cuevas, representing Premium, and it is emphasized that Winston Paulino sells, assigns and transfers to Premium Latin, its successors and assigns , one hundred percent of Rights "Puppy 3D (Walk like a dog then a cock up and piss you)".

Since signing the agreement, the work becomes the exclusive property of Premium under complete control, including the exclusive right to register "Puppy 3D (Walk like a dog then a cock up and you piss) in the Copyright Office of the United States.

This song was part of the new musical production of the orchestra Winston The Cure (The Saiyayines) to which the composer is giving finishing touches.

"The Puppy 3D (Walk like a dog then a cock up and piss you) suddenly leap to international fame when the Anglo Crazy Shock TV channel selected it as part of the repertoire of aerobics and zumba routines in the program" Dance Fitness Feel The Beat "seizing well liked by Americans and causing dozens of applications for licenses to be adapted and versioned by major international performers.

Among the artists who have recorded the theme, besides Winston Paulino, are Dj Banka and Juss Christ, Radijah, Spice and Texxa Family, which has caused a street fever contests and competition on the controversial form of dance is unleashed "The Clothing "in Third Dimension.

To Winston Paulino this composition has become the most important of all his creations, even over the first version of "El Baile del Perrito" popularized by Wilfrido Vargas, as in this 2015 "is producing an average of six thousand a month as general copyright royalties for their different forms of use that are giving on foreign shores, "indicated the author.

Revealed that is preparing a special "Puppy 3D" literature in order to convince Wilfrido Vargas, who refused to record it with current letters, to also record it and make it part of his repertoire, he understands that no Vargas may be excluded from this third part of "El Baile del Perrito."

Paulino take this opportunity to formally separated from the responsibility of including the image of Juan Luis Guerra in a video about dancing the "Puppy 3D", something that the journalist Jairon Severino, Listin Diario, criticized, and also by the images of minors in a contest about dancing that took place in Sabana Perdida de Santo Domingo Norte, video sector began to spread through you Tube.

"One such artist has no control over the things that make fans of our music, because we too surprised when we found videos and pictures on our work, so we are free of any responsibility," the composer said.

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