Local April 9, 2015 | 9:24 am

Haitian migrants continue to complain of delays to get IDs

Santo Domingo.- Migrantswho apply for the program to provide an ID and documents to Haitian immigrantsin Dominican Republic (PIDIH) continue their complaints.

Three months afterthe National Plan to Regularize Foreigners concluded, there’s concern among thehundreds of Haitians who failed to submit their documents prior to the deadline,from delays in obtaining their identity cards.

Quoted bylistin.com.do, Haiti national Kethelin Leblonc said it’s the fifth time she hasgone to the PIDIH offices in the suburb Herrera, where many foreigners visitevery day.

She appears puzzledand disturbed when saying that every time she goes to the office there’s alwaysan excuse not to hand over her documents. "Here they are doing nothing. Ifthe President is giving us an opportunity to legalize, they (Haiti authorities)have to help."

Leblonc said theoffice where the Haitian IDs are issued hasn’t been operating for three monthsand her phone calls for haven gone unanswered for days.

She noted however thatthe situation is becoming calmer, “unlike earlier days when the applicants werefighting each other in despair from the slow process.”

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