Local April 14, 2015 | 11:01 am

Glitch snarls flights a biggest Dominican airport

Santo Domingo.- A glitch in the Immigration Agency’s new computer system at Las Americas Airport on Monday snarled departing flights with passengers headed to various destinations, while some travelers said they missed their flights.

the problem reportedly stemmed the new system’s rejection of Dominicans nationalized US citizens, who try to evade paying the tax for their stay in the country.

Those passengers are then sent to the tax collection office where they have to wait in a long line to pay, in a tedious process forcing many travelers to lose their flight.

Chaos reigns when passengers from two or three flights crowd Immigration’s departures and arrivals salons, with long lines at both terminals, delaying flights to New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, New Jersey, Newark, Caracas, Venezuela, Panama and Curacao.

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