Local April 14, 2015 | 7:36 am

Veteran politico uncovers scandal links 2 Electoral judges

Santo Domingo.- Veteran politico Guido Gomez Mazara was interviewed at the Justice Ministry on Monday, on his lawsuit charging Superior Electoral Court (TSE) presiding justice Mariano Rodriguez and judge Juan Guiliani of malfeasance and administrative wrongdoing.

Assistant prosecutor Victor Peña interviewed the opposition party (PRD) leader on his complaint filed on January 27 that Rodríguez and Guiliani violation articles of the Penal Code for having received their salaries of RD$146,998.80 and RD$125,194.00 during 11 months respectively, which figure as pensions from their previous posts as judges of the Central Electoral Board, while also earning wages at the TSE.

Gomez said an Accounts Chamber audit on the TSE’s finances during 2012 found "clearly consigned illegality of the additional wages received by the two justices," and affirmed that the moneys were never returned.

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