Local April 20, 2015 | 8:19 am

Dominican truckers demand UN escort to go into Haiti

Santo Domingo.- The president of Dominican Republic’s biggest truckers union Fenatrado on Sunday warned of that its rigs will not enter Haiti unless escorted by UN peacekeepers in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Blas Peralta said the life of a truck driver who crosses into Haiti territory is worthless and know they’re safe only when they cross into Dominican Republic.

He said Haitians have vented all their anger and hatred on Dominican truckers, to the point that they are targeted after every incident which occurs on any side of the border.

Interviewed by on Telesistema, Channel 11, the head of Fenatrado noted that more than a year ago a Dominican trucker vanished immediately after entering Haiti and so far neither he nor his truck has been located.

He said the fact that Haiti’s authorities cannot guarantee the life of Dominican truckers makes it necessary to build large collection centers at border crossings to bring the goods, so Haitian merchants can gather it with their vehicles from there.

"If they want us to again haul freight into Haiti, they have to assign us custody, not the Haitian police which we don’t trust, but MINUSTAH agents who can guarantee the life of our fellow truckers,” Peralta said.

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