Local April 20, 2015 | 9:06 am

Reelection’s win spurs first chasm in ruling party bloc

Santo Domingo.- The pro-government FNP party on Monday said it would break off its support for president Danilo Medina’s administration if the ruling PLD party, "works against the Constitution by restoring reelection without a referendum."

The announcement was made by deputy Vinicio Castillo, son of FNP party president Marino V. Castillo on Twitter. He warned that without a constitutional reform the measure would be a blow to Congress.

"Vincho says if the PLD materializes the coup in Congress, the FNP would terminate its 22-year political alliance with the PLD that it signed with Juan Bosch," Castillo said in reference to the late founder of the PLD.

Marino Castillo also voiced the same warning when interviewed Monday on Colorvision, Channel 9.

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