Local April 23, 2015 | 1:32 pm

‘Skirts’ fueled Menendez-Melgen scandal: Dominican Republic TV host

Santo Domingo.- The sex-for-favors scandal that led to the indictments of US senator Robert Menendez and wealthy Dominican ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen took yet another strange twist Thursday, when a prominent TV personality called it “an affair of skirts” which even reveals the US policy of canceling visas to Dominican officials who don’t tow Washington’s line.

Aridio Castillo affirmed that the team of US investigators which came to Dominican Republic previous to the unsealing of the indictments met with veteran politico Guido Gomez Mazara, to ask him about the alleged sex parties in which Melgen and Menedez took part

Speaking on Channel 9 in his segment in the country’s mot popular daytime show, Castillo said the scandal includes “other women of society who took part in alleged sexual parties,” at Melgen’s villa in the famous resort Casa de Campo.

He said the case is also linked to the alleged canceling of Gomez’s US visa.

He said the case took a turn when Melgen continued to accost the young woman -whose name he didn’t provide. “She had spurned him and already had another partner, but he continued to accost her.”

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