Local April 25, 2015 | 9:54 am

Former president promises to sign a new deal with Dominican society

Santo Domingo.– Former president Hipolito Mejia proposed a new deal to Dominican society involving an agreed program of government, with an emphasis on job creation,and take action in order to face the high cost of living, lower cost of medicines and assist farmers to leave the abandonment in which the ruling PLD party buried them.

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) candidate announced his decision to sign a new deal with the Dominican society with the inclusion of organizations and political parties, civil society and independent citizens genuinely committed to working together in a program of consensual government.

"This deal will allow the Dominican Republic to become a place of opportunity, equity and transparency," he said, adding that the new deal "will make us work together for a country with a credible justice system, because a real nation is a society with justice."

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