Local May 1, 2015 | 7:44 am

Twelve drivers detained in school bus assault, face 30 years

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo province prosecutor Olga Diná Llaverías on Thursday announced the arrest of 12 drivers linked to an assault Tuesday of a school bus with 50 students in Boca Chica headed to the Book Fair.

The drivers who took part in the incident also threatened to burn the bus, claiming a contract dispute with the private school’s administration.

Among the drivers figure Luis Pinales, Felix Manuel Meran, Junior Ulloa, Alfredo Sención, Juan Carlos Valera, Jose Josue Santana, Luis Rafael Castillo, Rafael Felix and Eduardo Fersola.

Also Jose Luis Perez, Franklyn Leon and Daniel Bautista, all members of unions and bus owners associations of Boca Chica, Sichoproboch and Asochombca.

In a statement, the official said the detainees were identified by teachers and students as those who caused the incident.

Llaverias said other suspects are being sought in connection with the alleged assault, and could face 30 years if convicted.

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