Local May 6, 2015 | 8:57 am

Colonial Zone hotel collapse stokes protest, anger

Santo Domingo.- Residents and merchants on Tuesday protested at a busy corner of the Colonial Zone against the danger they face in the area, where the two-story building housing the Hotel Frances collapsed Saturday.

Owners of the gift shop Taino, hammers in hand, tried to pull off the boards nailed around the area, where the debris from the landmark lodging still marks the spot.

National, Tourism and Municipal Police agents were deployed to the site where Taino shop owner Yoselín D’Oleo, visibly shaken, tried to attack one officer.

Locals say the excavations on the streets have led to leaking mains and contaminated water, even with raw sewage.

They also complain of the dust from earth movers in the work to rebuild the Zone’s streets, reportedly 85% concluded.

For his part Colonial Zone activist Anneudis Checo called on president Danilo Medina to deal with the situation he calls terror and anger over the Hotel’s collapse, adding that the excavations are to blame for the damage.

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