Local May 7, 2015 | 10:46 am

Dominican nabbed in sting operation ‘led’ 3-state gun-trafficking gang

New York.- Dominican alleged gang member William Soler (Redrum /Asesinato) was arrested along with a countryman and five African Americans accused of trafficking guns in three states.

New York DA Eric Schneiderma, said the alleged gang members and drug dealers had distributed 93 weapons including long range, high power rifles and machine guns in the streets of Westchester County in New York, and Connecticut and Maine.

He said Soler had the “audacity” to take several selfies uploaded to social networks wielding a pistol, a rifle and a machine gun in hand. The weapons were seized in an apartment in the Bronx, for which the gang members face 367 charges, said the prosecutor and police commissioner William Bratton.

Soler, 33, had sold 93 weapons including 22 caliber handguns and semiautomatic rifles to an undercover agent, in a sting where Dominican Jordan Romeo, 21, was also arrested.

The officials identified the other defendants as Devon Fairburn, Ronald Snyder, Princesequan Hunter, Cadeim Beckford, Brett Carroll, Terrence Gordon, Julio Morales and Erick Ransom.

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