Local May 9, 2015 | 8:54 am

Govt. seeks to ignore mandatory referendum on reform: PRM

Santo Domingo.– Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) top executives denounced the intention of the government and ruling PLD party of "violating rules and procedures that were established in the 2010 Constitution, enshrining special instruments of legitimation, such as the approval referendum under Article 272 subject to a series of organic laws that require special majority."

PRM president Andres Bautista said at a press conference at the Jose Francisco Peña Gomez institute that these mechanisms were created to prevent someone’s own benefit through legislations abusing state resources, promoting cronyism, corruption and malpractices in the exercise of political activity.

"All this questions not only the executive power and its officials, but also legislators, since neither party has the votes needed, so they embrace trickery to achieve their goal," he said.

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