Local May 12, 2015 | 10:45 am

Top priest opposes reelection push

Santo Domingo.- Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez on Monday reiterated his opposition to a President’s consecutive reelection, a push now the focus of heated debate in Congress as requested by Dominican Republic’s ruling party, PLD.

Lopez said he’s not against a particular person, rather his belief that the current constitution was approved only four years ago and shouldn’t be amended.

The prelate said he’s not an anti-reelection person and more of an ‘institutionalist’ instead, noting that it’s important to renew national politics.

"I support that there should always be relievers, to prepare a new generation, that’s always been my opinion; I’ve always thought so," said Lopez, during a visit by opposition PRM party presidential candidate Luis Abinader to the prelate’s office.

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