Local May 15, 2015 | 10:55 am

Dominican police make arrests linked to Puerto Rican kingpin

Santo Domingo.- NationalPolice chief Manuel Castro on Friday said the wife together with unidentifiedgunmen planned the death of Yuber E. Mendez (Oreganito), ex-drug trafficking convictlinked to Puerto Rican kingpin David Figueroa Agosto, being held in the US.

In a press conference Castrosaid Mendez’s wife Clara Guillermina Hernández and lawyer Fernando ManzuetaManzueta paid RD$1.0 million to the alleged gunmen- all under arrest.

Around 10 executionshave occurred during and after Figueroa’s reign as head of Dominican Republic’smost notorious drug trafficking and money laundering network, including a seniorDominican Army officer and a successful businessman.

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