Local May 18, 2015 | 8:17 am

Corruption is immoral, Dominican leader tells the very rich

La Romana, Dominican Republic.- President Danilo Medina on Thursday called corruption "morally, economically and socially unacceptable," and jeopardizes virtually all countries in the region. "It’s a sad reality to which governments shouldn’t remain idle.”

Speaking to a group of leading Latin American business leaders, Medina said faced with corruption, “we shouldn’t crossed our arms and limit ourselves to contemplate government officials in their brief stint in public service."

He said the officials often manage to accumulate wealth "would surprise many business families present, which has taken them decades of effort and sacrifice to reach similar levels of wealth."

"Civil society and the political class that allow or become patrons of such behavior would be helping to discredit democracy and deepen the anger of the growing number of deceived and outraged by the corruption that’s spreading across the continent," he said.

Role of business

Medina said entrepreneurs are called to bring about economic progress on the continent and the real builders of progress are those who innovate.

He also encouraged investment in Dominican Republic’s various sectors, noting that the country’s economy will grow 6.5 percent this year;

Medina spoke to open the XIII Business Meeting "Fathers and Sons" at Casa de Campo, eastern La Romana, attended by the tycoons Gustavo Cisneros, of Venezuela, Pepe and Alfy Fanjul, of the US and Carlos Slim of Mexico, among other local and foreign business and political leaders.

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