Local May 18, 2015 | 12:04 pm

Embattled senator loses a court round

Santo Domingo.- The Supreme Court 2nd Penal Chamber on Monday set June 30 to hear an appeal by the prosecution seeking to overturn a lower court’s acquittal of senator Felix Bautista and six codefendants on embezzlement and money laundering charges.

Justices Miriam German, Frank Soto and Esther Agelán set the hearing for 9am, after ruling for the Justice Ministry, against the ruling party lawmaker from San Juan province and others.

The court said it decided to comply with legal formality within the period specified in the Penal Code.

Also charged are Soraida Antonia Abreu Martinez, Jose Elias Hernandez Garcia, Antonio Bolívar Ventura Rodriguez, Carlos Manuel Ozoria Martinez, Gricel Aracelis Soler Pimentel and Bienvenido Apolinar Breton Medina.

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