Local May 20, 2015 | 7:33 am

Dominican Republic leader gets closer to reelection bid

Santo Domingo.- The special Senate committee which studied the bill that would reforms the constitution to allow consecutive presidential reelection on Tuesday voted for the initiative 7 out 9 with two abstentions, two hours after its second meeting behind closed doors.

The approval of the bill by the senate commission gets president Danilo Medina closer to a consecutive bid for the Presidency.

Senators Julio Cesar Valentin and Aristide Victoria abstained from voting for the bill that would amend Article 124 of the Constitution, while Reinaldo Pared, Adrianoo Sanchez, Amable Aristy, Rafael Calderon, Felix Vasquez, Felix Nova and Euclides Sanchez for for the legislation.

Although the outcome of the vote however wasn’t officially disclosed to the press after the meeting which began at 4:10pm, Victoria provided the information in one of the halls of Congress.

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