Local May 20, 2015 | 9:39 am

Motorists beware: Gas station swindle rampant

Santo Domingo.- The head of the nationwide gas station owners grouped in Anadegas on Tuesday admitted that gas station attendants swindle motorists, in "a very old and common practice which escapes managers."

Emilio Vazquez noted however that drastic sanctions are levied when it occurs and confirmed in one of Anadegas’ 575 stations.

Outlet elcaribe.com.do on Tuesday reported that attendants resort to various ways in the rampant fraud, after complaints from motorists and the consumer protection agency (ProConsumidor), whose director Altagracia Paulino revealed that gas stations top the list of complaints thus far this year, especially in the interior.

"We’ve found some fraud and have taken the measures required, but I can say that the biggest complaints come from that part," she said.

Vasquez recommends that motorists demand that attendants set the display screen to zero before fuel pumping begins.

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