Local May 21, 2015 | 9:17 am

Dominican-US extradition pact’s big loophole helps criminals

Santo Domingo.- A loophole in the new Dominican Republic-United States extradition treaty lets an extraditable keep their ill-gotten gains after serving their sentence abroad.

The piece, pending judicial review and subsequent approval in Congress, would replace regulations in effect since 1910 and establishes little changes to deal with organized crime, high-tech crime, contract killings and terrorism.

According to Evelyn Irizarri of elcaribe.com.do the new treaty, any property obtained by the extraditable who’s in its possession at the time of the extradition request and when they are handed over to the accusing country, are guaranteed their return as soon as practicable.

That provision leaves the authorities powerless to retain assets, since they "can only be subject to confiscation or seizure upon a final ruing…” even if they’re derived from illicit activities.

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