Local May 22, 2015 | 9:38 am

Ding* plays its part in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Ding* partnered with three charities in Dominican Republic providing them with top-up. A topped-up mobile phone can play a key role in assisting the aid sector.

Sharply aware of this, ding* has partnered with three Dominican Republic charities to provide aid workers and volunteers with hundreds of mobile top-ups.

Techo, Good Neighbors and Aldeas Infantiles SOS are aid organization all working towards a better Dominican Republic. For each of these charities, topped-up phones are vital in communications amongst themselves and the wider community allowing the spread of information, education through access to the internet and improving overall productivity.

Especially for volunteers and workers in rural and remote areas, topped-up phones have been able to improve and shape their organizations.

Marjorie Andújar, Fundraising Coordinator from Good Neighbors comments; “It is very important to have access to communication, especially when they are working on the ground, either to report the progress of their activities or to resolve potential setbacks that arise. In addition, being connected creates a network both to exchange ideas for improvement or strengthen ties between the volunteers and the community as well.”

Over the years ding* has seen people and organizations empowered by mobile top-up. With this at the heart of the company ding* began the ‘Top-up for Good’ program by providing small donations of top-up, lives have been transformed.

In neighboring Haiti top-up has empowered women by rewarding them with top-up and has helped people to grow and flourish small businesses.

International top-up is essential for the diaspora to connect with their loved ones at home but top-up is also key for empowering individuals and communities in the Dominican Republic.

If you want to send top-up to someone you know in the Dominican Republic you can do it through our international top-up platform.

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