Local May 25, 2015 | 7:30 am

Speech could end crisis in Dominican Republic’s ruling party

Santo Domingo.- Political expectation reigns in the country today especially among members and supporters of Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD), as former president Leonel Fernandez is scheduled to deliver speech that could put an end to the internal crisis which has rocked the country’s biggest political organization during the last few months.

Fernandez’s speech is scheduled for 10pm and comes after the PLD’s leadership approved on April 19 a proposal to amend the Constitution which paves the way for president Danilo Medina’s reelection bid, but unleashed public and often heated confrontations between supporters of the two leaders.

As president of the PLD Fernandez will likely announce an agreement to allow Medina’s re-election bid as a way maintain the ruling party’s political superiority in the country.

Fernandez spokesman Rafael Nunez tweeted that the speech will air on all major TV networks and local channels and dozens of radio stations.

He said groups of Fernandez supporters will also be reporting the activity on Twitter.

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