Local May 27, 2015 | 8:40 am

Medina wins easily: Penn Schoen & Berland-SIN poll

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina and opposition PRM party candidate Luis Abinader would most likely win next year’s presidential election, but the former easily beats the latter, according to a Penn Schoen & Berland survey, published by SIN media group.

The poll found that if the election was held today Abinader would get 34%; former president Leonel Fernandez 32%; opposition PRD party candidate Miguel Vargas and Al-Pais party president Guillermo Moreno both 5%; senator Amable Aristy 3%; PRSC party candidate Federico Antun 2%; other candidates 1% and 15% would not vote.

Abinader and Fernandez are technically tied since the 2-point difference is within the margin of error.

If Leonel Fernandez won the support of Amable Aristy Castro and Federico Antun and applies eight of the fifteen would not vote, that would add 45%. Abinader it is shown to be stronger among men and among older people and Leonel Fernandez among women.

Since the last two surveys Fernandez has fallen from 36% in March to 32%.

If Medina wins the ruling party candidacy he would bea Abinader 66% to 22%, to Vargas’ 3%, Moreno’s 2% and Aristy’s and Antún’s 1%.

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