Local May 27, 2015 | 12:58 pm

VP wants Star of Bethlehem to ‘shed light’ on her husband, Medina

Santo Domingo.- Vice president Margarita Cedeño on Wednesday said she hopes both "the Star of Bethlehem and the Dominican Liberation Party’s yellow star” shed light the hearts of president Danilo Medina and of former president Leonel Fernandez (her husband) to reach an understanding, so the party can continue in office.

She said two leaders have always been mature, with aplomb and always manage to reach agreements so the party “which we love and are part of," can stay united.

Speaking to the press in the National Palace where she received a report on the Solidarity with Progress welfare program, the former first lady said she expects the PLD to emerge strengthened and remain victorious for democracy’s sake, for the Dominican people and the organization itself.

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