Local May 28, 2015 | 8:46 am

Foreign Affairs chief: Predecessors ‘didn’t know where the border is

Santo Domingo.- The former senior officials of Dominican Republic’s Foreign Affairs Ministry not only never paid attention to the borer with Haiti, “they didn’t even know where it was.”

Foreign minister Andrés Navarro made the statement Wednesday, and affirmed that Foreign Affairs promotes policies to prevent that reports of human rights violations of Haitians hurt the country’s image abroad.

The official said it also promotes economic initiatives worldwide to guarantee Dominican Republic’s favorable business climate.

In his keynote speech at the American Chamber of Commerc’s (AMCHAMDR) monthly luncheon, Navarro said the Foreign Ministry restructures and redistributes offices and diplomatic agencies according to geographical location and national interests.

"In the current geostrategic scenario we’ve asked ourselves where should we be and why should we be? Specifically, where our presence ensures traditional markets, but also where it contributes to diversify our exports," the official said, adding that support for trade, export and investment promotion head the new foreign relations policy.

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